Back To School

Security & Fire

With Children heading back to school make sure sewing name tags in trousers isn’t the only security steps you take!

– Make an emergency plan for fire – role play how it would work in the event of fire emergency and practice using the fire extinguisher or blanket if you have one.
– Use an alarm system with remote alerts – it will inform you when children come home from school and have input their code.
– With home video monitoring you can take a live view of your home, what’s happening and who is visiting.
– Make sure children know how to use the alarm system, to activate and deactivate it. You should also show them how to hit the panic button and what to do if there is an emergency.
– Get children a pin code or fob for the alarm and attach to their house keys – don’t be tempted to “leave under a flower pot”. You should make a plan for lost keys.

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