Keep Illuminated As The Nights Draw In


As winter fast approaches and we begin to think about snuggling by the roaring fire, dark evenings and the clocks turning back we need to think of getting our home ready for the darker nights too.

With burglaries reportedly being 20% higher over the winter months we need to act to prevent crime occurring:

– Security lights which are on a timer or trigger with movement will deter the opportunistic burglar.
– A dusk til dawn sensor will respond to light levels and keep a home looking lived in and occupied.
– When the clocks move back don’t forget to change any timers which operate lighting.
– Internal lights can be operated on a timer in a random pattern in your house, again giving the appearance of someone being home.
– Get children a pin code or fob for the alarm and attach to their house keys – don’t be tempted to “leave under a flower pot”. You should make a plan for lost keys.

It is important to install lights in the right places and that they are controlled in the right way. If you need any help or advise, done hesitate to get in touch – we will illuminate you!

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