Nurse Call Systems


BSA are NSI Gold installers of Panic Alarms. We are specialists in the installation of Nurse Call, Warden Call and Toilet Alarm Systems

Panic alarms / hold-up alarms

  • BSA install panic alarms / hold-up alarms, either as part of an intruder alarm system or as a standalone system
  • The systems can either be programmed to sound an alarm locally or to signal through to a monitoring station
  • Panic alarms / hold-up alarms linked to a monitoring station can be set up for Police response. The Police will always attend this type of alarm automatically
  • Panic buttons can either be fixed or wireless and can be linked back to a central controller
  • In commercial premises, systems often have an indicator light to show where the alarm has been triggered

Nurse call / warden systems

  • BSA install nurse call / warden call systems into nursing homes, hospitals, day care centres and sheltered housing schemes
  • The type of system required will depend on the relevant local authorities’ regulations and whether it is a residential home or a nursing home
  • Every bedroom will typically be fitted with at least one call point and call notification units will be positioned strategically throughout the building / complex
  • For a warden call system, two-way speech is incorporated into the system, linked to fixed or mobile devices, with the option of off-site monitoring
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Toilet alarms

  • Toilet alarms are generally fitted to disabled toilets, with a link back to a centrally monitored position.
  • Where multiple toilets link back to one controller, it is good practice to have an indicator installed outside the door of the toilet
  • Toilet alarms are often installed either as part of or in addition to a nurse call / warden call system located in a nursing home, day care centre or sheltered housing scheme