BSA are specialists in the installation and maintenance of home automation systems, including smart thermostats, doorbells, wifi cameras and audio systems. 

Nest / Hive

BSA Security & Fire have qualified electricians that can install your intelligent smart thermostats. We will configure all of the settings and get all the relevant Apps set up on your smart devices.

This includes integration into your smart home Apps such as Google Home or Apple HomeKit.


BSA Security & Fire are fully qualified to install any Ring doorbell or camera system. This includes wireless and mains powered devices or even using your existing doorbell wiring.

It can be deployed as a standalone solution or part of a wider CCTV installation. We will install the App on your smart devices and set up any alerts that you require.

BSA Security Norfolk


outdoor HIRES audio

Beautiful sound outside

  • Via Apple TV, you will are able to have full spatial audio music in your garden.
  • Having the highest quality lossless audio via Bluetooth 5.2
  • Streaming lossless music, outside as well as indoors.