Fire Extinguisher Servicing


BSA’s extinguisher engineers have the relevant BAFE qualifications, meaning that we install and maintain extinguishers in accordance with the current British Standards.

extinguishing equipment

We install and maintain the following fire extinguishers and extinguishing equipment:

  • All standard extinguishers: water, foam, powder, CO2, wet chemical and water mist
  • Fire blankets
  • Hose reels
  • Fire buckets


  • We carry out the servicing of extinguishers and extinguishing equipment once a year in accordance with the British Standards
  • Our service contracts include the following, which are often chargeable items from other companies:
    • Retagging
    • Replacing O-ring seals
    • Replacing Pins
    • Disposal of old extinguishers
  • We keep a record of all of your extinguishers to make sure they don’t go past their end of life. We then either refill the extinguisher, carry out a service exchange, or replace accordingly

The chart below shows which equipment should be used on which class of fire:

Fire Extinguisher's Class