Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

BSA install and maintain emergency lighting in accordance with the British Standard BS 5266

Escape Signs

We install the following emergency light solutions:

  • Maintained (always on) and non-maintained emergency lights
  • Bulkhead, twin spot and integrated fittings (combined with standard lights)
  • Exit signs with illuminated legends
  • Key switches (so that they can be tested locally)


  • The British standards recommends that emergency lights are tested every year for a full duration test (commonly 3 hours). This is to check the lights work as designed to in a power outage situation
  • It is also recommended that an operational check is carried out every month. Typically this is carried out by the customer, but can be carried out by BSA. As part of this test all lights and signs should be checked to ensure they are present, clean and functioning correctly
  • We issue an itemised certificate to state that the emergency lighting has been carried out in accordance with the British Standards