Controlling Access

Security & Fire

Access control is your answer to knowing who is in your premises and when – enabling you to limit entry to staff and visitors only entitled to have access.

It can be fitted to a single entrance or more widely applied to a site with multiple access zones and doors.

Some advantages include:

– Avoids problems of lost keys.
– Anyone without an access card or pin is denied access.
– Can be applied to car park barriers to restrict access to authorised personnel.
– Centrally located security.
– Helps manage site security with contract staff or permanent staff when they leave.
– Can be customised for each user.
– Electronic keys allow remote access: ‘Buzz’ people in when not there.
– Can generate a report on staff movement.
– Biometric entry systems are now mainstream.

Access control presents a completely new way for people and business owners to feel secure and gain control over commercial environments.

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