Happy Summer – Outdoor Cooking

Summer with BSA

Outdoor cooking is a great way to spend family time and have fun – but keep safe. It’s easy to get distracted with family and friends around you all having fun.

Keep safe:

Make sure your BBQ is in good working order and on a flat site well away from trees and shrubs.
Never leave your BBQ unattended and keep children and pets away.
Keep a bucket of water or fire blanket close by in case of emergency.
With charcoal: Only use enough to cover the base and use only recognised fire lighters and starter fuels. Never put the hot ask straight into a dustbin or wheelie bin.
For gas: Make sure the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder. After cooking turn off the gas cylinder before turning off the controls to ensure any residual gas is used up in the pipes.

Happy summer from us all at Broadland Security Alarms.

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